Aggie Legislative Advocacy Network

The Aggie Legislative Advocacy Network is a group of committed Aggies who organize, inform, and engage alumni and friends of NMSU to prioritize legislative goals on behalf of the university. As part of our advocacy efforts, we engage passionate and influential alumni to communicate with state legislators about the issues that affect NMSU directly.

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Why Advocacy Matters

Our lawmakers need to hear our voices. We can maintain and strengthen support for NMSU and public higher education in general by emailing, calling, or visiting our State Capitol. The legislature is charged with considering how to best strengthen our state, and NMSU must make every effort to represent and obtain its share of appropriate resources.

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NMSU 2023 Funding Priorities:


Support students, improve the quality of academics and student life, and enhance the presence and reputation of NMSU

  • NMSU Online - $27.5 million
  • NM Graduate Assistants Endowment - $25 million
  • Physical and IT Infrastructure - $36 million
  • Athletics - $17.6 million


Enhance research initiatives and the quality of academics to further efforts in achieving R1 status as a land-grant and space grant university

Agricultural Programs
  • Agricultural Experiment Station - $765,000
  • Agricultural Cooperative Extension Service - $570,000
Research & Public Service Projects – Main Campus
  • Space Tech Communication - $300,000
  • Produced Water Consortium - $370,000
  • Hypersonics - $594,000

Become An Advocate for NMSU

If you are interested in getting involved and supporting NMSU through legislative and advocacy work, consider joining the Aggie Legislative Advocacy Network as an alumnus concerned with the future of higher education at New Mexico State University.


If you would like to receive more information, or if you’d like to participate in the Aggie Legislative Advocacy Network, please email Debra Marks at

Legislative Priorities

  • Student success
  • Physical and IT infrastructure
  • Agricultural programs
  • Research and public service – main campus
  • Branch research and public service

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