Always an Aggie is a powerful network of over 145,000 alumni who proudly call New Mexico State University their alma mater.

Stay connected to fellow Aggies and NMSU

Launch of Always an Aggie

The NMSU Alumni Association launched the Always an Aggie network, available for alumni, students, donors, family and friends like you who proudly support NMSU and the Aggie family.

Being an Always an Aggie means you support other Aggies when you can and sometimes, you’re the beneficiary of that support. It means you share a “Go Aggies!” when you spot someone in NMSU gear. And it means you still get chills when Pistol Pete and his horse run onto the Aggie Memorial Stadium field.

As a member of this powerful network, you have access to meaningful experiences and valuable resources provided by the NMSU Alumni Association at no cost.


After all, the network, this family and this community of Always an Aggies exist because of you!

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Time for Action

As we begin the 132nd year for NMSU in 2021, we do so with a welcoming commitment and pledge to realign our commitment to our awesome institution. We must deepen our commitment to greater engagement, promotion and celebration of Aggie achievements and programs, across all NMSU communities. We must strive to ensure that all alumni, students, faculty and staff are able to remain fully connected to the institution and be proud of the bonds and deep roots that we have each built during our time on campus.

If NMSU and our Aggie family are to thrive in the next 50 years, we are committed to the bold vision inspired by the first Aggies, as established in 1888. It is time for action. It is time to reweave the threads of passion for your alma mater, to ensure that the welfare and common good for all Aggies are protected for years to come. Once an Aggie, always an Aggie.

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